What are you supposed to do when you fall off your path in life?

Get right back on it.

It’s no secret that we’ve all faced difficult and disappointing scenarios in life.

We’ve mapped out goals and ambitions and told ourselves that it will be different this time. …

“In order to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World, I had to first be that Heavyweight World Champion.” — Mike Tyson

You will get what you want only when you deserve it.

There is a way of life and a race out there that only a few choose to…

Some of our most profound discoveries in life come from some of the most unexpected people and places. On this occasion, join me in Chennai, India. A bustling city of over 10 million people located in the heart of Southern India.

A busy night of bumper to bumper traffic as…

Canggu, Bali a small vibrant town located on the southern region of Bali, Indonesia. From the moment I touched down I felt like a millionaire.

Well, to be honest with an exchange rate of $14,126 Indonesian Rupiah for every $1 US Dollar it’s easy to see why. All it takes…

Jordan Philip

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