Globally, our remote workforce is in full effect.

While there are many positives to working from home, such as avoiding a long commute to the office, there is one major pitfall to avoid.

Before sharing this one single point, I understand that this may not be well received by everyone working from home.

Rather, this is for the individuals out there who are actively looking to grow themselves and their careers by bringing their best self to the market every day.

Here is the major reality check that we may or may not be currently sticking to: Wake up on…

What are you supposed to do when you fall off your path in life?

Get right back on it.

It’s no secret that we’ve all faced difficult and disappointing scenarios in life.

We’ve mapped out goals and ambitions and told ourselves that it will be different this time. I swear I am going to stick to this no matter what.

It could be any number of things that we aim for, and the details of each goal will vary from person to person.

For some of us it may be cutting out junk food, watching less Netflix, quitting smoking, exercising…

“In order to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World, I had to first be that Heavyweight World Champion.” — Mike Tyson

You will get what you want only when you deserve it.

There is a way of life and a race out there that only a few choose to embark on or are blessed to be called to such a path.

You have been chosen.

You have the permission inside of yourself to have the green light and go ahead.

Turn down the infinite external communications of the world and draw from within.

For some this may require only…

As we approach the upcoming new year, we are also on the brink of a new decade. Will anything change for you in the 2020's?

I’m sure you’ve got something on your mind as every one of us on planet earth has some area in life we can improve on.

At a time with growing access to vices I feel it is appropriate to address the topic of partying, drinking, smoking, and the accompanying activities of this lifestyle.

While regular consumption of alcohol is widely accepted on a societal level, I’ve found my experience with drinking shift over the years.

“The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times” -Paulo Coelho

Some of our most profound discoveries in life come from some of the most unexpected people and places. On this occasion, join me in Chennai, India. A bustling city of over 10 million people located in the heart of Southern India.

A busy night of bumper to bumper traffic as usual. I hop into a local auto rickshaw, the fun loving three wheeled rides getting us to our destination of choice.

If you ask Google what’s life like in Chiang Mai you’ll come up with a wide variety of experiences. Conversely, if you’ve never heard of Chiang Mai, Thailand then this will be an awesome opportunity to explore further what to expect if you decide to visit.

Individuals make their way to Chiang Mai from all over the world. Some people are on a brief visit for a couple weeks while others have been living in Chiang Mai for almost a year. It’s amazing how many people from such different walks of life are drawn to Chiang Mai. Age is not…

Canggu, Bali a small vibrant town located on the southern region of Bali, Indonesia. From the moment I touched down I felt like a millionaire.

Well, to be honest with an exchange rate of $14,126 Indonesian Rupiah for every $1 US Dollar it’s easy to see why. All it takes is $70.79 USD to be a millionaire in Indonesian Rupiah. That’s something we’ll dive a little deeper into later, but for now let’s set the vibe.

On any night the drive from Denpasar International airport in to the town of Canggu is a vibrant, buzzing, bumper to bumper, scooter on…

Now if you don’t know who Tilman Fertitta is, you’re about to find out. Tilman Fertitta is the mogul and sole owner behind the Landry’s Inc.

Landry’s is a conglomerate of several well-known restaurant brands including the Morton’s and Mastro’s steakhouse chains, Rainforest Café, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Claim Jumper, Saltgrass, and several others just to name a few.

If that wasn’t impressive enough already, Tilman Fertitta is also the owner of the Golden Nugget Casinos located across the US. You can currently catch Tilman on CNBC’s Billion Dollar Buyer, where he invests into up and coming ventures.

Tilman’s current…

With a thriving corporate culture in today’s marketplace it is no secret that large companies are showing massive appreciation for their people.

This is great for well established organizations at the top of the Fortune 500 list. It’s a fact that these giants still roam and control major market share. However, it is also no secret we are in an uplifting era of Global Small Businesses rising up all around us.

What is most fascinating is the flexibility and velocity these types of organizations are deploying. …

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